Monday, November 11, 2013

Zombie Research Society gives Northern Lights and Incredible write up!!!

Article posted says: Northern Lights is ready for the the
"Silver Screen" & "Completely Original"


Author Tom Rico has recently released his take on the zombie genre in a surprisingly original and exciting new novel called Northern Lights. The book tells the story of an alien invasion of sorts that may ultimately usher in the inevitable zombie apocalypse! Cloaked in the mysteries of the aurora borealis and drenched in the gory details of survival, it is a thrilling adventure ready for the silver screen.
In “Northern Lights” (published by AuthorHouse), author T. Rico’s new novel, readers experience what he says is a fine blend between the sheer terror of “Independence Day,” the powerless feel of “Armageddon” and the abominations in “Night of the Living Dead.” “This is a new look behind the beauty of the northern lights and what they truly symbolize,” he says.
Readers join Dante and his wife, Hannah, as they are chosen by the forerunners to become “aware,” and help save humanity from the creatures ushered forth by the northern lights. These hideous mutations now walk the remains of a charred planet under an emerald colored sky bringing about the true battle between good and evil.
The author himself goes on to explain that his book “challenges the different cultural perceptions of God. It places the concepts of science and religion on a scale, and gives the reader an opportunity to decide which one carries more weight.”
With the recent deluge of mainstream and self-published zombie books currently available, it’s refreshing to see an interesting new take on the genre and mythos behind the apocalypse. With its focus on science fiction and survival, Northern Lights is certainly worth a second look in an otherwise over saturated market.
You can read more about Northern Lights at the author’s official blog, or order a copy online directly from the publisher at AuthorHouse, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Check out a FREE SNEAK PEEK READ into the hit Zombie thriller: Northern Lights by T.Rico

Structure had this to say about Northern Lights:

Northern Lights  just may be the coolest collaboration of science fiction that I have ever heard. As a book by fellow Long Islander, Tom Rico the weird becomes weirder and the strange becomes awesome. Based on the phenomenon that is based around the Northern Lights incident in Norway, Tom takes a story that is familiar, but not fully understood and expands upon it. All that I will say is that the spiral that the incident is so widely known for may or may not be home to an alien space ship while the spreading of legionnaires disease caused by the aliens infects the human race. This infection spreads across the world, turning humans into zombies. This mix of the two most popular characters/creatures in science fiction and horror is what really intrigues me and creates an excitement for a book that I have not often felt. Check it out online at Amazon or any other major book retailers.
Verdict- Reader or not, this is one book that should not be missed by gamers, comic book enthusiasts or anyone looking for something unique and original.

Available everywhere books are sold!!