Friday, June 21, 2013

Press Release for the New Thriller by T.Rico - Available at:
T. Rico announces release of ‘Northern Lights’

New book takes a different look as to what the Northern Lights really are

PLAINVIEW, N.Y. – InNorthern Lights (published by AuthorHouse), author T. Rico’s new novel, readers experience what he says is a fine blend between the sheer terror of “Independence Day,” the powerless feel of “Armageddon” and the abominations in “Night of the Living Dead.” “This is a new look behind the beauty of the northern lights and what they truly symbolize,” he says.


Readers join Dante and his wife, Hannah, as they are chosen by the forerunners to become “aware,” and help save humanity from the creatures ushered forth by the northern lights. These hideous mutations now walk the remains of a charred planet under an emerald colored sky bringing about the true battle between good and evil.  


“My book challenges the different cultural perceptions of God. It places the concepts of science and religion on a scale, and gives the reader an opportunity to decide which one carries more weight,” says Tom Rico. “It also makes a strong statement about the corruption in today’s society, not only in politics but in the heart and soul of everyday people. And then asks the most challenging question. How pure is the love in your heart?”


An excerpt from the book:


“The heat climbed as it went overhead, and the hairs on my arm singed. It was maybe a kilometer high aloft, but its colors ignited the heavens above. I thought to myself, thank God it’s not lower and closer. I felt the heat radiating from above. Had it been lower we would have been cooked in our shoes for sure. People screamed as it soared by like a meteor. After it passed toward the river, we walked into the clearing. The fields were still illuminated. A pinkish red draped across the landscape of the hills from the afterglow. The winds died down and our hair was tousled in the aftermath. We looked east, over the river, stunned and waiting. It hovered over River Avon, spinning and glowing pink in the orange night sky.”


Northern Lights

By T. Rico

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 318 pages | ISBN 9781481736312

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 318 pages | ISBN 9781481736329

E-Book | 318 pages | ISBN 9781481736336

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

T. Rico resides in New York. He lives with his wife, Kim, and has two children, Thomas Jason Rico and Nicholas John Rico. He is an avid science fiction fan and writer.