Wednesday, July 24, 2013

U.F.O. Landing in U.K. - Northern Lights - By T.Rico

Excerpt from the # 1 Hit Thriller Northern Lights by T.Rico

“We all ran for cover in the camp set up for the workers. The
heat climbed as it went overhead, and the hairs on my arm singed.
It was maybe a kilometer high aloft, but its colors ignited the
heavens above. I thought to myself, thank God it’s not lower and
closer. I felt the heat radiating from above. Had it been lower we
would have been cooked in our shoes for sure. People screamed
as it soared by like a meteor. After it passed toward the river,
we walked into the clearing. The fields were still illuminated.
A pinkish red draped across the landscape of the hills from the
afterglow. The winds died down and our hair was tousled in the
aftermath. We looked east, over the river, stunned and waiting. It
hovered over River Avon, spinning and glowing pink in the orange
night sky. The backdrop of clouds was enhancing its radiant hue.
It made the clouds glow pinkish-orange, exposing the massive
electromagnetic energy cast by the U.F.O. It stopped spinning for a
split second, turned white at its oval rim, and dropped like a stone
into the river. The wind then quickly died. The crimson night sky
behind it slowly faded. We stood there, one hundred plus people,

The Lights will usher forth MORE than just the Aurora Borealis!

Northern Lights by T.Rico
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