Thursday, August 1, 2013

"A Beautiful Death, is the only way to descibe it." Northern Lights by T.Rico

or is it just The NORTHERN LIGHTS?

Excerpt from Chapter 24 "A Beautiful Death"

“The brightest yellow and orange colors you could imagine. It’s 11:36 pm and it’s bright as daylight out here. One hundred and twenty degrees! The waves of light particles are soaring by faster than the pink tornado did during the landing. It’s like a solar storm out here! My skin is turning red from sunburn.
The swell from the x-ray burst on the sun’s surface is creating a solar wind as the proton particles blow through the landscape. One hundred and thirty-two degrees! The thermostat only goes to one hundred and fifty. I need to take cover inside but the light is mesmerizing. It’s like being on a spaceship as it gets sucked into the sun’s gravitational pull.

“‘Beautiful death’ is the only way I can describe it!

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