Monday, August 12, 2013

In a Wormhole nobody can hear you Scream!!! "Northern Lights" New hit Thriller by T.Rico

Excerpt from Northern Lights

A grayish, yellowish fog had filled
the air in the cavern above us. We could no longer see the second
and third floor of the cavern amidst the twirling fog.
Electrical impulses were firing off in the fog. The fog grew
denser and the spinning quickened. I looked around us and the
walls of the cavern had disappeared, I looked down and the
floor was gone, the candles were gone, and we were suspended
in mid-air as the swirling enveloped our group. Our bodies were
drifting in the same Milky Way spiral continuum that themed our
connection. Others were spinning off and flying into the vortex that
had now engulfed everyone. Hannah and I reached for one another,
as did Johnny and Ella, and Annie and Freddy. The six of us had
separated from the group, and time stood still for a moment. I felt
woozy and the light around me darkened like a shadow had been
cast upon us. I looked down at my watch and the second hand had
stopped on the twelve!
It was exactly 11:39 pm

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Northern Lights

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